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Portrait of DeAnne Williamson

Welcome! I'm DeAnne.

Art is my vocation.

Teaching is my passion.

Life is my inspiration.

I am a mixed-media artist, an illustrator and a workshop leader.

I am constantly discovering ways to integrate my passions to help inspire those around me.

Thank you for exploring with me. If you'd like to know more, please sign up for my e-newsletter.


Okay well here it is: the day I leave my 40s behind and step into the big 5-0! It seems strange to be here because all kidding aside, my 40th birthday seems like yesterday, literally, yesterday. Wow, time flies. Here’s the thing: I feel pretty darn great and I have so much to be thankful for. I’ve had such an adventurous life thus far and I can’t wait for every great thing still to come.
You probably do this too, but as a big birthday approaches, I usually reflect on the things I’ve learned so far. I thought I’d share them with you today. I know all my BFFs who are also hitting this milestone will very much relate.
1. I’ve learned to trust myself. No more polling people to get their perspective or advice. I go inward now and the answers are always there.
2. When deciding what to do, the thing that brings both excitement AND fear is usually the way I go. I don’t let the fear scare me away anymore. Fear is there to tell me that this thing is important to me.
3. How I feel on the inside is more important than what I look like on the outside. Exercise and creativity are the medicine I need and when I feel great, I tend to be happier with the reflection I see in the mirror. It’s not really about age.
4. My family is the foundation upon which I build everything. I got lucky in that department. My husband, my kids and also my siblings are just beyond incredible.
5. Being able to do what I love is the single biggest factor in my day-to-day happiness. For me, it’s been about the passion of the pursuit. When I’m pursuing what I love, I know that I am aligned with my heart. I get to do it full time but even if I was only able to do it in my spare time, it would still be THE THING for me.
Now I’m off to have a pandemic-friendly birthday celebration with my little family. I want you to know how grateful I am for you. Your support is without a doubt, what keeps me going.

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New work: “She Kept Her Heart Open So She Could Always Find The Beauty” 18”x 24” mixed media on canvas @artroomsapp ...

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