Winter Renewal


Living in Minnesota has given me such a wonderful new appreciation for Mother Nature. When you’re a visual person and you are surrounded by ever-changing scenery, there is no shortage of inspiration. I wrote about summer’s illumination here and I documented the awakenings of Fall here.

Today I want to talk about Winter.


There is something silently magical about snow. It’s not like rain which hits you with a crash and a boom and makes its roaring presence known.

Snow comes down in a whisper and you awake to a world transformed. It’s a pristine blanket that wraps you in sparkly light and gives everything a fresh, flawless look.


This is the time of year that I, like most people, start to think about the year that has passed and start setting intentions for the one ahead. The snow outside has inspired me. Like a fresh page and a clean slate, I’m ready to venture forward.


A great way to set an intention for the new year is to pick a word that will be your touchstone. I do it every year and my  word for 2016 is “Renew”. This past year has been a year of tremendous change and while it has all been positive, I have found myself a little out of sorts and not quite feeling balanced.

In 2016 I want to renew my commitment to myself, to my family, to my art and to my health. I’m excited for the next chapter.

What are your intentions for 2016? Do you have a word?


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