The Importance of Quiet


Hectic World, Hectic Mind

With all the changes that have been happening in my world, I’ve just put my head down and gotten to work. The work of unpacking, the work of settling, the work of making life for my kids as familiar as possible…. work, work, work. There’s so much going on that when I finally stopped for a moment this week and lifted my head up, I realized it was spinning.

One thing I will say for California, it’s not very quiet. There are so many people everywhere. Even when you are trying to take in the beauty of Mother Ocean, chances are, there are 20 other people around you doing the same thing. Finding some space and some quiet become challenging prospects.

One thing I’ve learned about myself for sure is that once in a while, I need a little quiet. I think we probably all do. It is especially difficult to come by when you have an 8-year-old and an 11-year-old.

This morning, after I walked my daughter to school, I remembered that one block over, there is a beautiful trail in my neighborhood. Sometimes there are lots of people and dogs on this trail but this morning it was desolate.

Ah quiet. Our heart is always speaking to us, but it’s only in the quiet moments when we can clearly hear it. If we listen, we can connect. We connect to the universe, to the world around us, to other people. And connection is the most important thing we have.

I’m so grateful for that little moment of connection. Such a good reminder that the answers are there when we get quiet and listen.


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