Hello Spring


I am having a very serious love/hate relationship with spring in Minnesota.


I love how the air has turned warmer and the sun has gotten more powerful. I love how the green has returned and the birds are chirping.


But I HATE how just when you start to feel happy and warm, it turns cold and dreary again. Unpredictable is an understatement.


Spring is a devious trickster.


At least when it’s winter, you know it’s cold out. You’re prepared and you’re ready. You expect the chill and the grey skies. But spring… spring brings you a glorious day of warmth and sunshine and then snatches it away like a bully taking your lunch money. Pulling out that parka again after you’ve already gotten so comfortable in your flip-flops is an acute type of pain, I can assure you.


So here’s my remedy: focus on the beauty. One thing spring is not short on is beauty.


I picked up my camera yesterday morning and I walked around my yard hunting for color and life. And believe me, there is so much to be had. The best part about spring is being a witness to this beautiful transformation that happens right before your eyes.


Tiny pops of color are everywhere and the morning sun dances on the newborn leaves. The trees come to life, there is music in the chirping of the birds, the air is fragranced with delicate flowerbuds… everything is fresh and new. Spring is filled with optimism.


The deep-down-to-your-soul appreciation for a bright sparkling sunny day can only come from living through a long winter. And I am incredibly grateful for that experience.

Next week it will be exactly one year since we’ve moved to Minneapolis. It’s been such an adventure. There have been ups and there have been downs but through it all we’ve experienced some definite magic as a family. It’s true what they say, the magic only happens outside your comfort zone and we are so glad we took this leap of faith. Cheers Minnesota! You’ve been so good to us!

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  1. Lori Garcia on May 18, 2016 at 11:07 am

    De, good for you for embracing your new surroundings and allowing them to fill your soul and your life with all it’s amazing colors. I have never seen you look more beautiful or happy! The kids look great and Greg looks awesome. Like I have already said to you, Minneapolis agrees with you all!! Carpe Diem!!!

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