Finding The Light


Every January I pick a word that sets my intention for the coming year. This year I picked the word “light”.

I wasn’t entirely sure why I picked it, I only knew that I wanted to get more in touch with my inner light and try to bring it to every situation I encountered. Teaching, painting and writing all require me to go inward and I wanted to take that even further than I ever had before.

What I didn’t know is that this year was going to bring me some challenges that were going to require me to call on my light in an entirely new way.

Just when you think things are rolling along in a soothing, almost predictable way, life has a way of throwing things at you that force you to examine yourself even further. The word “light” holds so many different meanings in my life right now. I keep saying it and reading it and hearing it in ways I had never expected.

The one thing I have come to know for sure is that we all have an intensely burning light inside of us. That light is sometimes joyful and sometimes soulful and sometimes mournful. It is the very essence of who we are. If you ignore it, it will throw a brick at your head until you stop, listen to it and embrace it.

I’m not sure where I read the above quote but when I did, I copied it into my phone and I read it every now and then. I believe that finding the light can only be done by embodying your soul and focusing on gratitude. Getting to know yourself in ways you never have before. Listening to your inner voice. Being authentic. It can be a painful process sometimes but it’s a basic human need, even for the most practical of us.

We all need to embody our souls, allowing the fire and silk of human nature to cradle us, giving us pain and peace and everything in between. Only then can our light radiate outward for everyone around us to bask in. This, to me, is the essence of the human experience.


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