Embracing Change


Sometimes things happen in life and you wonder about the reasons. You look for the lesson.



It happens to everyone. Sometimes you are looking for change and sometimes change forces itself upon you and you hastily have to adjust.


I can’t help but think of change when I look out my window each day and see the green leaves turning into a coppery gold. I stand, coffee in hand and watch them flutter and dance as they drift to the ground. The beauty is astounding.


Sometimes it makes your heart leap and ache. A lump forms in your throat. You know change is the one constant that you can’t avoid.



It is inevitable. Just like the seasons. Every day I live surrounded by these beautiful trees that magically morph and change and I know in the deepest sense that I am exactly where I need to be. Magically morphing and changing myself. I know that change, while we sometimes fear it, is the loveliest and surest path to growth.


(I snapped these shots in my neighborhood this morning.)


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