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The view from my street. Swoon.
The view from my street. Swoon.

The Next Chapter

Well, it’s official. We are Californians again. We had such an incredible experience living in Minneapolis for the last two years and it came to an end way before we expected. The people, the seasons, the city and the culture all contributed to what I can only call the experience of a lifetime. Minneapolis will remain in our hearts forever.

I’m not gonna lie, it feels great to be home. I am currently surrounded by boxes and they’re not gonna unpack themselves so I will be super busy trying to get settled for the next few weeks at least.

Then my plan is to plunge back into my art business full force. My e-newsletters and my blog will be revitalized. I have been developing a portfolio of illustrations and am hoping to go in that direction with some of my work. There might be a few interesting projects on the horizon.

Also, I plan to dive back into teaching. I am going to send a little plea out to the universe for a space to teach, and when that happens, you will be the first to know.

And as always, I will begin to paint my heart out. I plan to make all my latest paintings available via my Etsy shop so you will be able to purchase from the ease of your computer. Speaking of computer, I have a brand new re-designed website and I’m so excited and proud of it. Please check it out.

For the moment, I am breathing deeply and diving into unpacking. My kids will be heading to school soon so that will take my time and energy as well. But I have a lovely space in which to create my new work and I’m looking forward to getting settled into it. The ocean is calling my name and the California sunshine is enveloping me in its warm embrace. Here’s to the next chapter. May it be as remarkable as the last one.

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