DeAnne holding brushes


My work is about the human existence. In most cases, a very specifically female human existence. I tell a story with each piece, weaving my deepest thoughts and emotions into it.

My work is sometimes figurative, depicting women and flowers, and sometimes abstract, using line and color to depict emotion. I utilize mixed media in my work: collage and bright, colorful paint on canvas.

In my art, I explore themes such as pain, sorrow, longing, passion, poetry and ecstasy. I am fascinated by the deep inner workings of women. We are sisters, friends, wives, mothers and so many other things but I truly believe that our strength comes forth when we begin to understand ourselves from deep within. It is this female journey that most intrigues me.

I gather my art ideas from various places including the women around me, nature, music, poetry and of course other artists. Specifically, I am extremely influenced by the work of Frida Kahlo. Her exploration of pain and personal experience has always fascinated me.

I work intuitively and almost never have a specific plan. I let the materials speak to me and the work flows to tell the story that wants to be told.