An Exploration

"Generosity Of Heart" 24"x 24" Mixed Media on Canvas

“Generosity Of Heart” 24″x 24″ Mixed Media on Canvas

I’ve been doing a bit of exploring with my art lately. I’m not sure why, but I sometimes get the urgent feeling that things need to change. I get the feeling that I’d like to challenge myself and see what else I’m capable of. The beauty of creating art is that there are no rules. The sky is the limit. But that’s also the terrifying part. Which way to turn? How to find the right direction?

I’ve always wanted to do things a bit more abstractly, but abstract doesn’t come very easily to me. I keep trying and then I end up tossing the work aside. It’s a bit like building a muscle, you have to keep working it for it to become stronger. I don’t think I’m completely there yet but I at least think that maybe I’ve found the right road. These few pieces are finally speaking to me and the conversation feels authentic.

I’m sharing them now, even though I don’t feel totally ready because sometimes you just have to do the thing that scares you the most. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable can be an important part of the artistic journey. I’m sure I’ll always paint my women and flowers but it’s fun to add something new into the mix.

"Longing For Anything" 30"x 48" Mixed Media on Canvas

“Longing For Anything” 30″x 48″ Mixed Media on Canvas

"The Silence Of Voices" 24"x 30" Mixed Media on Canvas

“The Silence Of Voices” 24″x 30″ Mixed Media on Canvas


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  1. Elaine on October 27, 2016 at 10:18 am

    I love you women and flowers but the abstract paintings you’ve doing are amazing!! Great job keep exploring, you only seem to be getting better and better!

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